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A Message from Monica Shane, principal

We all know children learn from adults. Love, encouragement, positive support, and a nurturing environment are all critical to the healthy development of every child. All educators have a responsibility and play a role in the success of students at Blue Hills Elementary School.

As your child’s principal I will work to maintain a safe, healthy learning environment for your child to prosper in.  As your child’s principal I will have high expectations for all students and help them meet that standard.

As your child’s principal I will communicate with you regularly and keep you up to date on the happenings at Blue Hills Elementary School.  As your child’s principal I will encourage you to be involved in the decision making process that affect each child’s education.

As your child’s principal I will work with the teaching staff to meet each child’s needs and make their educational journey a successful one. I will stress fairness and equality and make sure each child is getting exactly what they need on the journey.

As your child’s principal I will promise to make your child’s experience at Blue Hills Elementary School an exciting journey that promotes learning, traditions, living a healthy lifestyle and most importantly, family. Every child in this school will be educated as if they were my own child. I will strive to make each child feel like a member of our Blue Hills family.